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Larsa Banquet Hall offers the following equipment and services to all licensees utilizing Larsa. An Event
Planner required for your event will be completed by an Events Coordinator based upon the requirements
provided by you.


Room Accessories

Dance Floor, Oak Parquet, 3x4’ (Indoor Use, Dance floor is included for an additional charge)
Portable Ice Storage w/ 100lbs Ice
Coat Closet w/ rack and 50ct hangers
Coat Closet Attendant

Tables and Chairs

Classroom tables, 18" x 96"
1 Conference table, seats 10
12 Rectangular banquets, 30” x 72”
12 Round banquets, 48" diameter
100 Round banquets, 66” diameter
1,000 Chairs
Linen table tops (white or ivory)
(Note: Linen table tops included for most events)
6 Large trash containers
Trash bags


Audiovisual Equipment

1 Portable sound system (2 speakers, microphone)
2 Hand-held wireless microphone
4 Clip-on microphone, wireless
Microphone floor stands/booms
CD disk changers/players
Microphone cables
Audio patch into house system
Built In House video projector w/ screen
DVD players
VCR players
27" T.V. DVD/VCR package
Flipchart pad with easel or whiteboard
Extra flipchart pad
Sound mixer (5 channel)
Video cable
Extension Cords 25ft-50ft
Power Strips


Staging/Lighting Equipment and Chairs

4' x 8' “Stage-Right” sections at 24”- 32" (2” increments) heights, 2 stair units available;
36”-54” (2” increments) heights, stair units available
Dance Floor, Oak Parquet, 3x4’ panels (Indoor Use, Dance floor is included for an additional charge)


Technician (2-hour minimum)
Electrician (2-hour minimum) (required for extensive band hookups)
Security (Bravo Security Co.)1 guard for every 100 guest
Chef (Kitchen equipment monitoring)
Event Staff Security
Laborer, per person, per hour (2-hour minimum)
Event Janitor/Matron during a show (300+ or Staff to determine) per person